What are the reasons for not having breast milk after delivery?

what are reasons for not having milk in breast after delivery

You must have heard many times that the first thick yellow milk of the mother is nectar for the baby. But what to do if there is no breast milk after delivery? Lack of breast milk even after delivery is a major problem in itself. This affects the physical and mental development of the child. There can be many reasons for not having milk even after delivery, but its treatment is also possible. Because mother’s milk is necessary for a child for six months. Therefore, we will tell you in this article what are the reasons for not having breast milk after delivery, what is the solution?

How does milk produce in the breasts after delivery?

What is the reason for not having breast milk after delivery?

Following are the reasons for not having breast milk after delivery:

As everyone knows, pregnancy is a delicate phase. During this time, you should take special care of your lifestyle. Smoking, alcohol, drugs, caffeine, unbalanced dietary intake are examples of poor lifestyle. Due to which breast milk is not formed after delivery.

Stress can be a reason

There is hardly anyone who has not gone through stress nowadays. Stress has become a part of our getaway life. This is due to less contact with people and not sharing their words. At the same time, it becomes more dangerous when a woman is stressed. Because it directly affects the child. Even after delivery, milk is not produced in sufficient quantity in the breasts of women due to stress. Stress itself later turns into mental problems like depression, anxiety etc.

Due to hormone imbalance

As Dr. Shipra has already pointed out, breast milk also cannot be formed due to hormone imbalance. Sometimes, breast milk is not formed due to thyroid imbalance. The thyroid hormone originates from the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is a butterfly-shaped gland. At the same time, due to lack of progesterone hormone, milk is not produced in the breasts. At the same time, sometimes hormones called prolactin and oxytocin cause attachment to the baby, due to which milk is produced in the breasts. Lack of this hormone also does not make breast milk.

Due to delivery difficulties

Sometimes delivery problems are also responsible for not having breast milk. Sometimes there is a risk of traumatic delivery due to excessive bleeding during delivery. Stress is sometimes responsible for traumatic delivery. Due to excess bleeding after delivery, the hormones that make breast milk are reduced, due to which breast milk is not formed. It is also known as Sheehan’s Syndrome.

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